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cmScribe guidelines

Apologies for blogging something that's only of interest to NetReach employees. But if I put it here I might actually get around to writing it - possibly even updating it - and at least some NetReach people will read it. Do's and Don'ts for writing cmScribe code:
  • Don't put anything end-user visible into an aspx page. Put it into a panel instead so that a template and styling can be added. If it needs to be on a separate page just add a configuration option in the admin control for the page ID.
  • Don't hardcode any user-visible text; always make it configurable in the admin control.
  • Don't put anything into Core without being very sure it belongs there; especially don't put anything into Core that has any dependencies outside of Core.
  • Put plenty of classes on user-visible elements to provide hooks for styling.
  • Don't put style into CSS files in the project if there's any chance a designer might want to override it. Create a Style in the database that the designer can edit instead.
  • Follow the conventions for administrative styling, like using class="nr-edit-table" and <th> tags.
In the past few weeks I've encountered and fixed all of these. So I thought writing them down might be a good idea... (Updated to add: Clearly I'm not immune to forgetting these rules - I just noticed that the text 'Show All' in the Categories panel over on the left there when a category is selected is not configurable anywhere, and I wrote that panel myself...)


I'm so Japi, 'cause today I found my friend

I'm running out of song titles, but I think that particular lyric is famous enough to use :)

This post is just for the sole purpose of pointing out that Roman continues to play the role of Japi Error Squasher Extraordinaire, having knocked out another five from the html package, bringing the numbers down to 50/51/74+2.

Some other ways of looking at the numbers:
  • We're three missing methods away from perfect coverage of 1.4 Swing
  • We're five methods away from covering all of 1.3 except awt.font and beans.beancontext (two in dnd, two in html and one in java.text)
  • font and beancontext are also the only packages with double-digits of errors in 1.4
I'm not quite sure how it happened, but Harmony is getting surprisingly good scores on 1.5 these days and beginning to give Classpath a run for its money there (assuming they don't have a lot of stubbed methods - I have no information on whether they do or not). But it's not even close to Classpath on those 1.4 numbers. The competition is heating up - let's hope that it's good for both sides :)


Dear Lazyweb

Anyone know of a good Jabber client library for Java (that works with Free implementations) or C# (that works with Mono) - and, more significantly, some clear understandable sample code for said library to implement a bot that can talk to people and react to things said to it, and respond to their presence or absence?


Japi Japi Joy Joy

The DefaultTextUI bug went away with upgrading the computer doing the Japi runs to Edgy. So I'm not worried about it - seems to be some weird bug in the version of gcj in Dapper that's been fixed since. There's still an issue with the -generics results though: it looks like the -generics build has been broken since October 18th with an EnumSet bug, so the generics results are two weeks old. Can't wait to see if we hit 96% of 1.5 when that gets fixed :)

In the meantime David Fu's implementation of HTMLWriter got checked in so that 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 all report NO classes missing, and Roman Kennke has annihilated no less than seven missing methods across datatransfer, dnd and html in the past couple of days. This leaves the missing method counts versus 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 at 55/56/79+2 constructors. And coincidentally puts all three at only 0.06% missing.

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