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Best. Fucking. Weekend. Ever.

That's all.



Big news - I got approved for an apartment! I was worried about this because my credit isn't so great. But I'll officially be moving on October 1st, and since that's a Sunday I can pick up the keys on Friday night and have the whole weekend to move in. I'm really excited about this! I love the apartment I've got, I love the location - it cuts my commute in half, and still provides excellent access to a bus route to see the kids. And also has bus/train routes to four different malls and a supermarket, and has another smaller supermarket within walking distance. And a Wawa (I've never not lived within walking distance from a Wawa since being in the States) but also a Rita's! I've lived in the neighborhood before, know my way around, and like it a lot. Getting an apartment there is great because the houses there are absolutely ridiculously expensive.

In other news, I've started having trouble with my fingers and wrists, which is causing me to limit my spare time hacking and other online activity until they start feeling better. If you're waiting on a response from me regarding something, that may be why it's delayed. Or why you're not seeing me online as much as usual.