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So it's been many a month since I last updated, but I have something of an excuse. Since my last post in February my life has turned upside down somewhat. Mainly because, as Janene has already blogged about, we're getting divorced, and I'm moving out as soon as I can scrape enough money together. To pre-empt the standard response of how sorry you are: don't be. This was clearly the best thing for everyone involved, we're still friends, and everyone involved is as happy about it as it's possible to be in such a situation. Naturally I'm not going to go into details, though. Except to say that I'm excited about the future and looking forward to what's coming.

For those of you eagerly awaiting an update on Japi scores - (a) why aren't you just looking at the results pages directly? and (b) the story over these 5 months has basically been that Japi gained the ability to recognize a method that the developers voluntarily mark as not implemented. This was a good thing - it was already known that a lot of methods in Classpath weren't implemented that Japi was unaware of, but the problem couldn't be quantified - but it meant that the score peaked very shortly after my last post - I believe with only two errors outside of swing.text.html. Now the results are more correct and still closing rapidly on 100% for all versions up to 1.4. No, I don't know what's up with the -generics results, I'll get around to looking into that eventually.

Oh, and the counter on my homepage? Not telling...