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japitools 0.9.5

Yesterday I put out the 0.9.5 release of japitools. This is not, technically, the first release to have a major contribution from someone other than myself (0.8.7 has that honor because of the serialization-compatibility tools provided by Brian Jones) but it's the first where someone else has contributed a major feature that accomplishes one of my own "To Do" items, rather than adding tools entirely outside my own roadmap for japitools. In fact, Brian has since move the serialization tools to somewhere else, in recognition of the fact that they aren't a perfect fit with japitools.

With this release, though, Jeroen Frijters provided a complete rewrite of the Class File reading code which revealed (and fixed) a whole bunch of bugs, and he isn't done yet - he's helping me add support for the major language features introduced in Java 1.5 (also known as 5.0 because Sun's marketing people are morons). This is the first time I've had this level of collaboration with anyone on an open source project I've started myself, and I'm very proud to be a part of it. Jeroen was already high on my list of people that "we're screwed if he ever gets hit by a bus" because of his great work on IKVM. It's great that japitools is also benefitting from his help.