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I added Sniglet to the Software section of the site.

Oh, and the doctors allegedly sorted out my referral. I don't know if I believe them, though.


A series of unfortunate events

No, not the books by Lemony Snicket. My family's life over the past year and a bit. We've had deaths in the (extended) family, moved house only to find an unusable bathtub that the home inspector had missed, totalled the car (my own personal crowning achievement), had a very difficult pregnancy (of course, Janene suffered more than I from that one...) and more.

The latest in the chain of catastrophes is that Luke caught a cold from Alexa. This wouldn't normally be considered a catastrophe, but at only a month old the doctors consider any fever to be potentially dangerous. In order to rule out the serious things (meningitis, sepsis, UTI, etc) they had to take a spinal tap and keep him in the hospital for four days.

Less serious but still aggravating, my doctor messed up the referral for a routine consultation (and the people I was consulting with didn't bother to tell me that they didn't have it) with the result that I had to dash into the doctor's office to get them to fix it - and since it's all electronic they may not be able to backdate it to the insurance company's satisfaction. Which means I may get saddled with the full bill for their mistake.

On a lighter note, my parents and brother visited from England - my brother already left, but my parents are still here. It's very nice to see them - although of course everyone's disappointed at missing four days with the kids due to the hospitalization.

Since every entry so far has included at least one note about something I've added to the site or the blog, I really ought to put something to that effect here. Unfortunately, I haven't added anything to the site or the blog. I've written the code for comment support, but it's sitting on my laptop disconnected from the network. And I've decided to release Sniglet, a game I wrote inspired by Quidditch from Harry Potter (real fans will be able to identify the source of that name) but again, the source and binaries are on that same laptop and unavailable for posting. So consider this a "coming attractions" announcement :)


Added short story

I added a short story that I wrote back in August 2003, "Life Stories", to the "Stuff" section.


Luke and Alexa pictures added

I've uploaded a bunch of pictures of Alexa and Luke - they can be found under the "Family" section. The pictures of Luke are laid out strangely, especially under Internet Explorer (or AOL) but you can still see all of them. I'll try to figure out the layout strangeness...

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