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Another Kind of Life Support


Janene thought that my last entry, "Life Support" would be "something riveting about Terri Schiavo". Well, I don't know about riveting, but I certainly can't write anything as good as God's 15-Year Quest To Call Terri Schiavo Home Delayed By Congress.

On a totally different note, watch this space for exciting news. No, Janene, you won't be interested or excited in the slightest. But I am...


Geek in training

As seen in this little story reported by Janene, my attempts to train Alexa to be a good little geek have run into some hiccups.

In case you were wondering, she gets the answer right consistently now :) Next step is to teach her to say "Linux"...

[Update many months later: in case Janene's domain goes away I'm quoting the entire story as she posted it:

"She's my kid.

Tonight after dinner, I heard a conversation that went a little something like this:

Stuart: Alexa, what's the best web browser. Say, "Firefox".

Alexa: I-a-bock.

Stuart: Good girl! What's the best browser?

Alexa: I.E.


Now the kids amazing, but before you go thinking that she knows the difference btwn web broswers, know that she likes to "spell" things, so that "I.E." was a random use of her letters, however appropriate.:)"]