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Sniglet is a game inspired by Quidditch from the Harry Potter books. It is currently Windows-only and requires the Microsoft .NET framework 1.1, which is available as one of the optional updates from Microsoft's Windows Update service.

Download Sniglet

The download is a zip file which contains Sniglet.exe (the game itself) and all its source code, written in C# and licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). I know I need to add formal copyright notices, but I haven't yet. If you don't care about source code, just ignore everything except Sniglet.exe.

The premise of the game is simple: Score goals (worth 10 points) using the red "Thunk" while avoiding the black "Thwapper" which tries to get in your way. In single player mode, you are playing against the clock for points; in two-player mode, you are playing to end up with more points than your opponent. There is also a tiny yellow "Sniglet" which, if you can catch it, gives you a time extension (in single-player mode) or allows the game to end (in two-player mode) but at a cost: catching the sniglet loses you 15 points.

Currently the game appears to be running up against limitations of how many simultaneous keys can be pressed on a PC keyboard without losing track. Even in single-player mode, there are useful things you can do that involve holding down four keys at once. My systems seem to run into trouble at two or three, and lose track of new keys pressed or released. This means that two-player mode, even if two people do want to share a keyboard, would probably be fairly frustrating to play.

Future features I'd like to add include joystick support (to eliminate the keyboard problems), Linux support, and network play. I'd also like to separate out the physics engine from the Sniglet-specific gameplay, because I think there are lots of possibilities for games based on two-dimensional "realistic" physics engines.

Here's that link again: Download Sniglet