Java API compatibility testing tools

JDK Results

In an ideal world each JDK version would be perfectly backward compatible with the one before. As the following table shows, in reality this is not the case. The "Reversed" comparisons in this table provide a useful indicator of what new API was introduced in each JDK version - perhaps handy for populating @since tags in your Javadoc?

JDK7 BetaResultsResultsResultsResultsResultsResultsResults / Reversed
JDK6ResultsResultsResultsResultsResultsResults / Reversed
JDK1.5ResultsResultsResultsResultsResults / Reversed
JDK1.4ResultsResultsResultsResults / Reversed
JDK1.3ResultsResultsResults / Reversed
JDK1.2ResultsResults / Reversed
JDK1.1Results / Reversed