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Japi Go Lucky

Japi Go Lucky


My theory that blogging about Japi progress makes the results improve faster seems to be proving correct. A month ago yesterday I mentioned that the status versus 1.2/1.3/1.4 was 62/63/88ish+2, plus one entire class. A month later, the scores now stand at 24/24/47+2. That's one class and about 40 methods down. Keep up this rate of progress and we'll be celebrating the new year with 1.4 API perfection!

Credit for the latest batch of gains:

  • Andrew John Hughes took out six in beancontext.
  • Roman Kennke nailed eleven in awt.font.
  • David Gilbert spotted that a couple of beancontext methods were marked as not implemented even though they were actually implemented just fine.

Also Roman's work on HTML continued with this amazing screenshot. Apparently it's still too slow to be really usable, which is good because it means I don't (yet) have to make good on my pledge to redo the HTML to be nice and clean and not use 1x1 spacer gifs. I'm not going to take away such a handy stress-test for the HTML code until it can pass it...