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I'm so Japi, 'cause today I found my friend

I'm so Japi, 'cause today I found my friend

I'm running out of song titles, but I think that particular lyric is famous enough to use :)

This post is just for the sole purpose of pointing out that Roman continues to play the role of Japi Error Squasher Extraordinaire, having knocked out another five from the html package, bringing the numbers down to 50/51/74+2.

Some other ways of looking at the numbers:
  • We're three missing methods away from perfect coverage of 1.4 Swing
  • We're five methods away from covering all of 1.3 except awt.font and beans.beancontext (two in dnd, two in html and one in java.text)
  • font and beancontext are also the only packages with double-digits of errors in 1.4
I'm not quite sure how it happened, but Harmony is getting surprisingly good scores on 1.5 these days and beginning to give Classpath a run for its money there (assuming they don't have a lot of stubbed methods - I have no information on whether they do or not). But it's not even close to Classpath on those 1.4 numbers. The competition is heating up - let's hope that it's good for both sides :)