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Updated NRobot and DA

Updated NRobot and DA

The version of my NRobot entry I previously posted had a little flaw - if (due to security restrictions or any other reason) any robot teams fail to load, it turned into a very complicated spin-in-a-circle-and-do-nothing bot. That scenario happened in the default configuration, because LatteBot is prohibited from running by the security sandbox. This version has the bug fixed.

I also uploaded a new version (0.21) of NRobot, to fix a few compilation issues on Linux and push some other minor tweaks that have been made since 0.20. This doesn't include the 3D frontend - I belive I need to reimplement Microsoft's Mesh3DObjects sample class, because it comes with no explicit license, before I can release that. Even if it had been included, you'd need the WinFX alpha toolkit and the .NET framework 2.0 beta to run it anyway.

Anyone want to try implementing a 3D frontend using OpenGL or some other freely-implemented API instead?