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New site, new blog

New site, new blog

This is my initial attempt at starting a website and a blog. At the moment there's a skeleton of the structure of the site, and a very minimal bloggy thing with very few bloggy features.

The site is built with NetReach's cmScribe product, which is great for easily building websites but has been shoehorned into acting as a blog - something it wasn't designed to do, as yet. It doesn't yet support any of the standard, useful blog features, like RSS and comments. I'm going to add that in the future (both to cmScribe and to this site), because I've become a strong believer in the potential and importance of blogging.

Basically, none of the pages within the site have content, yet. I have a pretty good idea as to what should go on each of the pages, but I still need to go through and actually write them. I'll update the blog as I fill in the pages.