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For those keeping score, of my nine predictions (eight days plus a bonus one on the last day) two of them were spot-on correct, one confirmed incorrect, two seem highly unlikely now, and four are still unknown (one of them was a prediction for book 7 anyway so was always going to still be unknown at this point).

Hopefully the score isn't enough of a spoiler that I should make you click through for it, but the rest of this entry contains spoilers. Don't click through if you haven't read the book yet.

Here were the predictions:

7-day (rat): It will turn out that Crabbe and Goyle senior were the ones who originally bullied Wormtail into acting as a spy for Voldemort.
Status: Still unknown.

6-day (blood): Something in Harry's blood (which Voldemort used at the end of Goblet) will prove Voldemort's downfall.
Status: Still unknown.

5-day (ships): Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny.
Status: Correct!

4-day (mirror): The broken shards of two-way mirror that Sirius gave to Harry will communicate with each other. Harry and his friends will use these to great effect.
Status: Unlikely. No mention of the mirror at all.

3-day (grade): By some injustice, Harry will turn out to have failed his Defense Against the Dark Arts O.W.L.
Status: Incorrect.

2-day (army): The D.A. will get some kind of pseudo-official recognition, perhaps as a kind of "junior arm" to the Order of the Phoenix.
Status: Unlikely. By next year everyone except Ginny will be old enough to join the Order outright.

1-day (death): Dumbledore will die.
Status: Correct! (but of all the things to be right about...)

0-day (more death): Harry will die at the end of Book 7.
Status: Still unknown, of course.

Bonus prediction: Caradoc Dearborn's going to show up and turn out to be either a Death Eater spy or a Death Eater hostage.
Status: Still unknown.