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HBP 0-day prediction (more death)

HBP 0-day prediction (more death)

Click through to read the prediction (to avoid spoilers for nutters who haven't read the books).
In celebration of the fact that there are now less than 24 hours to go, I'll give a prediction that we definitely won't know tomorrow (or tonight, if you're one of the lucky people who's going to a midnight opening... due to an unfortunate combination of circumstances, I can't make it till the morning). The prediction: Harry will die at the end of Book 7.

Okay, okay, you really wanted a prediction for this book? Here's a little bonus prediction that I just thought up today: Caradoc Dearborn's going to show up and turn out to be either a Death Eater spy or a Death Eater hostage. If you're asking "who the hell is Caradoc Dearborn?" you need to re-read Phoenix more carefully :)