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Making a Japi face - Classpath hackers are awesome

Making a Japi face - Classpath hackers are awesome

(03:15:01 PM) mjw: BTW. I am going to create the 0.93 branch now.
(03:15:22 PM) mjw: Unless there is something that really, really, really needs to go in in the next 30 minutes.
(03:15:46 PM) sab39: mjw: well clearly we really really need those last 6 beancontext methods and the one in java.text ;)
(03:16:19 PM) mjw: sab39, That is OK. You still have 28 minutes.
(03:16:40 PM) sab39: mjw: well my way of fixing japi errors is to poke other people until they do it
(03:16:52 PM) sab39: mjw: so... wonder how long till my new blog post hits planet ;)
(03:17:03 PM) ***mjw adds a note to keep out of reach of sab39
(03:17:14 PM) sab39: mjw: you're not immune, remember RCSID? ;)
(03:17:20 PM) mjw: sab39, It's there now
(03:17:31 PM) ***sab39 must have timed posting it well
(03:17:36 PM) tromey: your blog showed up on mugshot just now
(03:19:13 PM) neugens: sab39. ping
(03:19:23 PM) neugens: hehe, I've read your blog
(03:19:33 PM) sab39: neugens: pong
(03:19:43 PM) neugens: sab39: I'll try to take care of the missing error for the text package
(03:19:52 PM) sab39: neugens: cool :)
(03:20:00 PM) neugens: sab39: not sure it will be in the 0.93 release though :(
(03:20:06 PM) rkennke: sab39: hey it works!
(03:20:16 PM) sab39: rkennke: never fails
(03:20:31 PM) sab39: neugens: what, you can't get it working in 30 mins? ;)
(03:20:40 PM) neugens: 30 minutes?
(03:20:41 PM) neugens: ouch!
(03:20:50 PM) neugens: I need to push a fix for decimal format first!
(03:20:54 PM) ***neugens rush
(03:20:59 PM) ***neugens is away: I'm busy
(03:21:10 PM) rkennke: lol
(03:21:34 PM) sab39: :)
(03:21:34 PM) mjw: O boy.
(03:22:09 PM) mjw: I can pick up fixes on the release branch later also.
(03:24:01 PM) gnu_andrew: sab39, the problem with fixing those beancontext ones is that I've not seen any real testcases
(03:24:15 PM) gnu_andrew: sab39, I can throw something in but won't be 100% as to whether it's right
(03:24:37 PM) gnu_andrew: sab39, e.g. the proxy ones would intuitively suggest that you have a provider which you call
(03:25:35 PM) ***sab39 is giggling like an evil maniac right now. It really does never fail ;)
(03:26:01 PM) rkennke: sab39: haha
(03:26:23 PM) rkennke: gnu_andrew: I'd say throw it in. As long as noone complains ... B-)
(03:26:50 PM) robilad: rkennke: you're talking to the guy who talked me into starting to merge in classpath into kaffe back in 2003. ;)
(03:27:14 PM) sab39: gnu_andrew: I imagine if there are problems with an implementation you're more likely to get decent bug reports if it's an attempted implementation than if it's just entirely missing, too
(03:27:59 PM) sab39: I don't know whether to feel proud or guilty that the net effect of my gently and not-so-gently nudging other people to do stuff is so vastly disproportionately higher than the amount of actual work I've done myself ;)
(03:28:26 PM) tromey: sab39: arguably motivating other people is harder and more useful than doign the actual work :)
(03:28:26 PM) rkennke: robilad: hehe
(03:29:11 PM) gnu_andrew: sab39, good point, I'll hack something together and stick it in
(03:29:17 PM) sab39: robilad: well your starting that also prompted me to un-abandon japi after 2 years of not having touched it... not that that compares with the amount of work you did of course :)
(03:29:24 PM) gnu_andrew: sab39, no-one has even cried about them being missing yet...
(03:29:30 PM) mjw: sab39, The trick is to create your own reality-distortion-field in which you actually believe all the work was really yours anyway.
(03:29:36 PM) sab39: gnu_andrew: I have ;)
(03:30:00 PM) sab39: tromey: thanks, that's a heck of an ego boost ;)
(03:30:59 PM) robilad: sab39: you're good, and we like you ;)
(03:31:10 PM) sab39: mjw: I'm not sure even steve jobs could create *that* big a reality distortion field
(03:31:14 PM) sab39: robilad: aww, thanks
(03:31:19 PM) robilad: we also like casey very much, but he seems to not be around tonight.
(03:31:31 PM) sab39: <robilad promiscuous=true>/me hugs</robilad>
(03:31:46 PM) sab39: (that never gets old ;) )
(03:32:21 PM) gnu_andrew: sab39, I meant in terms of actually using it of course... ;)
(03:32:33 PM) gnu_andrew: seems sab39 is the Classpath cheerleader... :)
(03:32:43 PM) ***robilad hugs sab39 back .. thanks god it's friday! and heads out for a beer
(03:32:51 PM) robilad: later, mates
(03:32:52 PM) ***sab39 waves his pompoms
(03:32:59 PM) sab39: (now there's a disturbing picture)
(03:33:16 PM) sab39: bye robilad
(03:33:36 PM) sab39: (I'm so blogging this conversation btw)
(03:34:21 PM) Stephmw: I'm sooooo happy I didn't make any sarky comments then
(03:34:25 PM) Stephmw: wooops.