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Japi Seven

Japi Seven

(I'd never heard of "Happy Seven" but Google showed that it's in fact some kind of anime thing while I was hunting for a title for this post)

So here's the progress in the last week or so:
  • David Gilbert eliminated three more errors in beancontext on Thursday.
  • Roman Kennke took out the last two from dnd on Friday.
  • Mario Torre took out some 1.5-only errors in java.text on Saturday.
  • Andrew John Hughes eliminated another six from beancontext on Sunday.
  • Roman Kennke killed the last five in font on Monday.
  • Yesterday, Roman eliminated the last missing html method (for 1.4) which coincidentally required implementing frames. Then for good measure implemented form submission too to complete html for 1.5 while he was at it.
The upshot of all this is that we're now at 7/7/30+2 missing methods versus 1.2, 1.3, 1.4. Classpath 0.93 will be released real soon and I'm very curious to see whether those last seven 1.3 errors will be wiped out first. They break down into six in beancontext (Andrew? David?) and one in java.text (Mario?)...