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Japitools 0.9.7 released

Japitools 0.9.7 released

I'm thrilled to be able to announce four things:

1) After far too long a wait, Japitools 0.9.7 "Life, liberty and the pursuit of Japiness" has been released.

This release includes the following improvements over 0.9.5:

- Almost complete 1.5 language support, including generics, enums and varargs methods. The only missing feature for full language support (and the only blocker for a 1.0 release) is annotations. Big thanks to Jeroen Frijters for doing the heavy lifting of teaching Japitools to parse these features in .class files.

- The ability to mark methods as not implemented by adding "NotImplementedException" to the throws clause. This allows Japitools to give results that more accurately match reality when parts of an API are known to have been "stubbed out" rather than actually being implemented.

- The ability to traverse packages non-recursively (thanks to a contribution from Jaroslav Tuloch), making it easier to correctly specify the packages that are part of a public API, especially when that API is large. The new japiextractpkgs tool allows the list of packages to be extracted from Javadoc documentation.

- An Ant task for running Japitools, thanks again to Jaroslav.

- Too many bug fixes and minor enhancements to name, including a lot of changes that eliminate false positives and false negatives from the results. Thanks to many people for bug reports, feature suggestions and help in testing.

2) That there is now a Japitools mailing list, See the mailing lists page for more information.

3) That Japitools has a new homepage, It's ugly, and it's still a work in progress - some sections are still missing content, and others still have content that hasn't entirely been updated to match the current state of reality. I didn't want to delay any further getting the new release into people's hands. I'll continue working on filling out the content.

4) That Sun are AWESOME today!